DRAWING ON ALL TALENT is a CO:LAB initiative under Found Diverse with the purpose of enhancing diversity in the startup ecosystem and gaining access to the full potential of all talents, innovation, knowledge, and ideas.

Why is the initiative necessary?

There is a lack of diversity in the startup ecosystem. This is a structural issue that cannot be solved by one stakeholder alone. It is also an issue that affects us all as we are missing out on talent and innovation and thereby potential solutions to the societal challenges we all face.

Who is this for?

DRAWING ON ALL TALENT targets startups and investors. These two groups play a significant role in defining future companies, leaders, boards, and investors. They also play a vital role in deciding which challenges we are solving and for whom.

What does the project feature?

The project contains two specific activities: 

The accelerator program, LEAP FORWARD, aimed at startups with a mixed or female-only founding team that are looking to scale and internationalize their business.

The Diversity Commitment, through which investors commit to securing a higher degree of diversity in their own organizations and in investments while strengthening their relationships with other investors in a learning community. Ensuring the synergy between the two programs to the benefit of both startups and investors. 

How is the project funded?

The Danish Industry foundation has granted 8.22 million Danish kroner to run the project over the next three years. The grant is a part of a larger focus from The Danish Industry Foundation to increase diversity in Danish businesses to improve competitiveness.

What is the expected outcome?

We expect 100 startups to participate in LEAP FORWARD over the next three years and that the program will help expand their businesses in international markets. Furthermore, it is expected that The Diversity Commitment will expand to the Nordics and Europe setting a new standard for the industry by setting common goals and sharing reliable data from both founders and investors on diversity parameters. 

How do I join LEAP FORWARD or The Diversity Commitment?

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